Quality Management Policy

Quality is fundamental to our business. We do not lock our customers into a contract with us and yet we have an extremely high level of customer retention. Our customers come back to us year after year because we look after them throughout the term of their supply contracts and beyond.

We strive to provide our customers with services that meet and exceed their expectations and provide considerable value for their business. We are committed to continuous improvement.

We have the following systems and procedures in place:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback
  • A customer complaints procedure
  • Training and development for our employees
  • Management reviews of customer feedback and complaints

Employees are made aware of this policy and their performance is measured with this policy in mind.

We are full members of the United Intermediaries Association (UIA). Above and beyond our own policies and procedures, we are signatories to the UIA’s Code of Practice and Complaints Procedure. Not all energy consultants are members of this association.

Customer Complaints Procedure

We are continually monitoring our own performance, implementing checks and improvements in process and rarely receive complaints from our customers’.

Our procedure runs as follows:

ACKNOWLEDGE: In the event that we do receive a complaint, we aim to acknowledge receipt both in writing and on the phone within 48 hours, setting out how we propose to handle the problem.
INVESTIGATE: We will then investigate the problem and work to resolve it as quickly as possible. Some problems require action by other parties within the energy industry and hence may take a prolonged period to resolve.

UPDATE: We always keep our customers updated on progress and timeframes to resolution.
RESOLUTION & CONFIRMATION: Once resolved, we will inform the customer and check in with them to confirm it has been resolved to their satisfaction.
FOLLOW UP: Ensure the problem is fully resolved and call the customer as a final ‘comfort check’.

ESCALATION:  As full members of the UIA, we are signatories to their Code of Practice and Complaints Procedure. Clients can seek redress through the UIA should a problem not be resolved by us to their satisfaction.