Energy Data Analysis

Our consumption reporting helps you identify periods and patterns of energy wastage and track changes in energy consumption and performance.

Eneco’s team have extensive experience in data analysis and understanding the trends each individual customer’s data shows. We provide quarterly updates using the STARK HH reporting platform or produce our own bespoke in-house manual reports. These can highlight periods of high consumption, unnecessarily high baseload and anomalies such as power outages or spikes. Energy data analysis gives you the tools to see potential cost saving opportunities and to implement measures to resolve these issues. We can also tailor reports to suit your business specifications, such as the time periods you would like us to report on.

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Half Hourly (HH) Year Report

This report allows you to see a broad snapshot of your organisation’s consumption usage over a year long period to get an understanding of your highest consuming months and highlight usage waste.

Half Hourly (HH) Week – Year Report

This report allows a detailed insight into your usage over a year long period broken down into weekly consumption. This allows you to have a more comprehensive insight through the weekly breakdown.