If your organisation can generate renewable energy on-site you can significantly reduce your carbon emissions and your reliance on the grid. Reducing your carbon footprint will not only help your company remain compliant with the onslaught of environmental compliance schemes facing businesses today, it will also reduce your running costs in the long term and potentially open up new revenue streams.

Why Use Eneco Consulting?

Whether you are interested in wind, solar, battery storage, air/ground source heat pumps or electric vehicle (EV) charge points, Eneco can advise you of your options for generating energy on your premises and the financial benefits of doing so. We work with a range of renewable energy specialists across the country who offer the most innovative solutions to market. In addition, we may be able to identify investment grants to help pay for the project.

Eneco Consulting’s involvement will ensure you are properly looked after during the project’s development. It also enables us to ensure your supply contracts are structured to allow your organisation to benefit from any shifts in demand patterns. In addition, we can help you tap into a range of schemes to sell energy back to market when your demand is lower.

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