Energy markets reach further all-time highs with little sign of slowing down

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Eneco market reports early September 2021 Energy costs: Markets crashed by over 10% on August 19th on reports that Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be completed early in September and bolster European gas storage. Thereafter prices surged up a further 30% on confirmation that

Gas and electricity markets reach record highs as increases spill into Summer ‘22

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Eneco market reports mid August 2021 Energy costs: Gas supply concerns and rising prices across the wider energy complex led to further increases on Winter ’21 markets with increases starting to feed through to Summer ’22. Russian gas flows slumped following a fire in one

Gas and electricity markets reach triple digits out to February 22

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Eneco market reports early August 2021 Energy costs: Short term markets continued to surge in response to continued supply issues and increasing prices across the wider energy complex. This increased the gap between Winter 21 and seasons from Summer 22 onwards reinforcing backwardation. LNG supplies

What is the SECR and how does it affect my business?

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SECR Explained Introduced in April 2019, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) was created to further develop the efforts of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Essentially both schemes were designed to hold business accountable for their carbon emissions. However, under the SECR a larger

Extreme volatility plague the energy markets in early July as prices rise and fall by more than 10%.

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Eneco market reports mid July 2021 Energy costs: The jitteriness was seen across the energy complex. Oil prices peaked at $76/barrel before falling back to $73/barrel as OPEC bickered over production increases to meet increasing demand - Saudi Arabia and UAE have since come to